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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia is now officially became affiliated with the World Futsal Association (AMF) in Taipei Conference on April 12-13. At the conference, some delegates have been nominated to the position of the Executive Committee of the AMF Asia. At the conference, the Executive Director of AMF Manual Sanchez Enrique Aguirre has chaired the conference which saw Taiwan has been chosen to host Asia AMF.

Among the Asian countries involved are as Taiwan, Singapore, India, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan and its affiliates unanimously elected Chan-Wei Chang (Taiwan) as Chairman, Namdev Shirgaonkar (India) Deputy Chairman, Ronnie Lee (Singapore) Deputy Chairman, Faizul Ali Anui (Malaysia) Associate Deputy Chairman, Francis Lee (Singapore) Associate Deputy Chairman and committee members elected are Luis Manual (Macau), Zaifulizan Awang Awang Abdul Rahman Mohamed (Malaysia) and S.Vitthal (India).

Mission and vision the establishment Executive Committee of the AMF Asia is to develop nation of futsal throughout the Asian to provide referee development programs, coaching and international championships. At this early stage of the establishment a variety of things discussed and appointed members eager for make further strides in achieve the mission and vision set.

In this regard Malaysia headed Faizul Ali Anui, Awang Zaifulizan Fadillah Ibrahim Abdul Rahman and will continue to convey a message to the fans of futsal. Although AMF competition law is very different from FIFA it is not an obligation to provide an opportunity for clubs in Malaysia under the patronage of the Association will be registered soon. Mission and Vision the establishment is very clear that the main focus of the establishment the Malaysian Futsal Association is the only of futsal development aspects of the self and not be confused with the sport of football.

To clubs who wish to become an affiliate member associations that will registered soon may communicate directly through emails to


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